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Nice game, short and sweet! However, when I played on Firefox, the audio/music was glitching pretty much the entire time. Didn't ruin my enjoyment but it was very noticeable.


Lovely game! A downloadable version would be great (I like to keep such special games).

IsabellaLau - Music and SFX were awesome, great job. Wonder where did you get the vocal staff. Do you got friends from Mongolia who can do polyphonic singing? 

Everyone else, game looks and feels awesome. I died after first try, so gotta retry again. Cheers and congrats for the victory 8)

Great game everyone! Excellent work all around. 

  • IsabellaLau - The sound effects were perfect, the music was excellent. I especially loved the talking sound effects, it added a lot to the game not having silent text bubbles.
  • D4yz - You know I love your pixel art. I like the isometric work on the desert. The Hud was great too, clean and concise.
  • Willowblade - I could not find any bugs, and I tried. Great work, smooth gameplay.

The story was short and sweet. I had no problem following the story arc and the humor you added was a welcome bonus.

This game was atmospheric in all the right ways. The music was  my favorite part! I loved the atmosphere and the setting. It was a fun and unique location- I especially enjoyed the little tidbits of info about the plantlife and the food in tents that I assume were inspired by food native to the Mongolian region?

I also loved the story. It was a simple one, but it kept me connected to the main character and kept me playing so I could see the ending. 

The Burg eagle was the most unique characteristic of this game, and it really stood out against most of the other games I've seen. I really liked being able to maneuver Burg around to see the landscape. 

The dialogue and combat text boxes were fun, but weird. Was there supposed to be a "back" button? I kept getting stuck in the combat screen where I accidentally selected the wrong enemy and couldn't go back. Was there a button I didn't know about I could have used?

The gameplay aka the wrestling combat felt easy and unchallenging (except for that giant snake! How do you kill him??) . I kept really wanting to see how much HP the enemies had so I could judge how strong my moves were - was there a reason you didn't add health bars? Did the special Stamina-using powers do different things other than have different flavor text? I couldn't tell what made them different when they hit the creatures other than one took 10 stamina and one took 8. I'd like to see visually what each one does differently, if they indeed do different things.

This was fun and engaging and got a lot done in such a small timeframe. I am incredibly happy I got to enjoy your work! Thank you so much for your efforts. I hope to see your future work!

I'm not normally the biggest fan of JRPG's but this was really good! The pacing was good, the writing was great, and the wrestling was fun! 

Love the atmosphere this game provokes. Also the sprite art for the eagle and the ATB mechanics are awesome!