You have been called upon to lead an expedition out onto the open sea. Find land, claim resources, and relax with this simple game of exploration and discovery. Enjoy the fresh ocean breeze as you discover the islands of the Jerican Ocean.

Buy a small boat and enjoy a ride up the rivers.


All controls are contextually explained in-game in the lower right.

Full controller support except for typing names


  • Programming: @Willowblade
  • Graphics: @D4yz
  • Audio: @sound_ahead


  • spaced starting islands further apart to fix small boat undeployable bug
  • made navigation to upgrade screen more in-your-face, many people seem to not realize it's there, and made tab button more obviously tab.
  • fixed windows build script for windows and linux (yay!)


Download 16 MB
Version 0.1.0 Mar 25, 2020
Download 18 MB
Version 0.1.0 Mar 25, 2020


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Love the graphics, the game play is good. Maybe consider adding a written tutorial with your download? Also do you have a way to contact you about bugs?